Website FAQs

Chrome, Safari, and Edge are the only supported browsers.

If you are having problems entering an address or zip code, you may be using a browser autofill tool. The autofill tools have been found to change previously entered details. To avoid this, you need to disable the autofill function.

GTD and GTE will no longer be at the top of the eBOL PDF.  To view eBOL PDF Template, click here.

Enter your PRO in the navigation tracker widget at the top of the webpage or click here. If you login you have more tracking options.

Currently, you will not see the Estimated Delivery Date for your shipment until it has been billed. Normally this takes place within a few hours but by 7am the following day.

If you have trouble seeing documents, try allowing browser pop-up windows to see shipping documents and reprinting your BOL.

Saved locations are sorted by default to be at the bottom of the account list – you will need to scroll down or search for the saved account


If you are logged in, click on the “reset password” in the menu under your username on the top right of the screen.


If you can’t log in, click the login link in the top right of the screen. Then click forgot password and follow the steps .


When you are signed in, it is under your account username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you are NOT signed in, you will need to sign-in to access the dashboard.

You do not have to be logged in to schedule a pickup. The benefit of logging in is that you can select an account to use. 

  1. Select the “Pickup and BOL” app from your user dashboard
  2. Once you have selected the Pickup and BOL app, you will be directed to the Freight Pickup Request page.

Same day pickups on an electronic BOL cannot be modified. However, if your pickup is NOT the same day, you can modify the pickup data until it is assigned to a driver, normally within 4-10 hours of the pickup.