OD Technology: Advanced Solutions to Simplified Shipping

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Using The Speed Of The Web To Move Freight Fast

Our award-winning technology offers you many ways to get information and keep up with your LTL shipments, including tracing, rate estimators and pickup scheduling. ODFL.com offers registered customers access to even more information like reports, payment, enhanced tracing and more.


Electronic Data Interchange

To provide you with a more effective business transaction process, we utilize EDI. By using this standardized format, EDI provides us with a method of transmitting business data from one computer to another, without the need to rekey data.

Tracking a Shipment on a Mobile Device
Technology Solutions To Monitor Your Freight, No Matter Where Your Are

Handheld Devices Keep You in Touch

Mobile Scanning Computers are carried by all Old Dominion pick-up and delivery drivers, enabling them to scan and capture real-time information during pick-ups and deliveries. This information capture includes the number and weight of pieces, as well as origin and destination zip codes.

Timely pick-up information allows for increased direct loading, as well as scheduling of line-haul power to insure the best service possible.

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Automated Arrival/Dispatch Technology

Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification (or RFID) is an automated arrival / dispatch technology that allows Old Dominion to monitor equipment location and freight movement throughout the Old Dominion system.

This technology allows us to provide you with valuable data and information whether your shipment is domestic or global. RFID technology is now embedded in nearly every aspect of our business.

Desk Phone
Track Shipments, Get Rate Estimates, Fax Requests

Interactive Voice Response

Here are a few items available through the IVR system:

  • Track Shipments: Real time status and estimated arrival times available by phone
  • Rate Estimates: Receive rate quotes by entering shipping information
  • Fax Requests: Send necessary information and delivery receipts, and bills of lading will be faxed directly to you
  • Quick and easy transfer to a customer service agent by pressing *0 at any time during the call
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Streamlines Business Processes & Reduces Overall Customer Costs

Inbound Route Planning

Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc., uses advanced inbound route planning to find the optimal means to travel between our customers’ businesses. This technology provides Old Dominion and our customers with many advantages:

  • Ensures that we are able to meet all of our customers’ delivery and pickup service time requirements with the highest degree of efficiency within our industry
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces unnecessary freight handling thereby reducing freight damage and claims
  • Streamlines business processes and reduces overall pickup and delivery costs
  • Reduces transit times
Leading-Edge Technology Keeps Our Customers Informed

Dock Yard Management System

The OD Dock Yard Management System (DYM) is a leading-edge technology that keeps Old Dominion and our clients informed about the status of any freight or cargo shipment moving within the OD system at any given time. The Dock Yard Management System works by utilizing the bar code units located on each of our freight docks and in our switching tractors. When a shipment is loaded or unloaded, the status of the shipment is automatically uploaded and updated throughout the system.

OD Dimensioner
accurate cube information

OD Dimensioner Program

The OD dimensioner program can provide you with accurate cube information. Our dimensioners can capture freight up to 11 feet long. Our pricing and costing departments may use this data to accurately determine the density of your shipment. It is also beneficial for our operations team, who may use these measurements to load trailers more efficiently.


Freight-Handling Technology

To help you manage global shipments more efficiently, we leverage a number of state-of-the-art technologies. These technologies have helped us earn a sterling reputation for our on-time domestic-freight-shipping-service record to 98 percent of the United States.