Using Data to Inform Your Carrier Selection Process

Choosing the right LTL carrier for your business is an important decision. And when selecting a carrier, you should consider a variety of factors, including performance, to determine if they are a good potential partner – and data can help you do that.

About the Mastio & Company Survey 

Mastio & Company, a research-consulting firm, annually publishes an LTL Carrier Customer Value and Loyalty Study that identifies and quantifies the perceptions and needs of shippers who utilize LTL carriers in the U.S.

They conduct independent customer experience research across various markets, delivering industry-leading data and analytics. 

They have been helping shippers evaluate the qualities of LTL carriers for nearly 20 years with their independent research. For their annual LTL Carrier Survey, they interview shippers directly and gather data measuring carriers against 28 key attributes.

For the 19th annual LTL Carrier Survey, Mastio & Company conducted 1,635 phone interviews with shippers resulting in:

  • 5,300 total observations
  • 7,200 qualitative responses to five open-ended questions

Respondents provided input about customer satisfaction related to carrier's:

  • Timeliness 
  • Responsiveness
  • Courtesy
  • Professionalism
  • Pricing
  • Value 

Maximizing the Data for Your Business Needs

Once Mastio & Company collects the data, they analyze it based on ranking of level of importance to shippers. Based on that data analysis, carriers are evaluated based on 28 attributes which are bucketed into four distinct categories. Mastio & Company then provides a value map showing how shippers view carriers based on the value they provide. 

“This data provides an overall view of how carriers perform across the U.S.,” said Kevin Huntsman, president of Mastio & Company. “But as you dig into the data, if you're looking for a specific carrier or in a specific location, we can peel back this information to better understand which carriers excel and have attributes that are most important to that particular shipper. Not every shipper has the same criteria that they use based on their business, but they have the ability to really parse out segments of the data that are important to them.” 

Carriers Use This Data, Too

Being recognized by shippers in the Mastio & Company survey isn’t just a singular moment of celebration for Old Dominion. The results also serve as an opportunity for continuous improvement. 

“We use this data to invest in the things that matter most to our customers,” said Marty Freeman, President and CEO of Old Dominion Freight Line. “For example, based on last year’s results, we focused on improving our website. We know that our customers are increasingly looking to get estimates, schedule pickups, and check their shipment statuses online. So, we worked hard to update our API and online transaction systems to improve our overall digital customer experience.”

It's a chance for carriers to hear directly from customers about their needs. 

“To keep our customers' promises, we need to know what our customer needs are,” added Freeman. “That's what the Mastio survey does for us. It allows us to listen to what is important to our customers and incorporate that in our strategic planning year after year.”  

The OD Difference

For an unprecedented 14th consecutive year, Old Dominion Freight Line was named the No. 1 National LTL Carrier for Quality and Customer Loyalty by the Mastio & Company survey. OD achieved top rankings in 25 key attributes including performance metrics such as:

  • Freight picked up and delivered when promised
  • Delivered with no damages or shortages
  • Consistent transit times
  • Carrier trustworthines
  • Ease of doing business

These results showcase the company’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations and delivering unparalleled service and they are truly valuable to the OD team. 

“We take these survey results very seriously here at OD and listen closely to our customers,” said Freeman. “The categories that Mastio measures - trustworthiness, problem resolution, and courteous drivers - we teach those every day. I'm incredibly proud of every single member of our OD Family for this accomplishment. This win recognizes their hard work, serves as a morale boost, and reiterates the value of the culture we're building here.” 

To see more of Old Dominion’s results from the 19th annual Mastio & Company LTL Carrier Survey.